"counting stars by candlelight, all are dim but one is bright"
Heritage day 2014// Covington, TN.\ family, friendly, fall, fun- and don’t forget the art 🌻 :) #artdaysarethebestdays #longlivelocal  (at Old Town Hall & Cafe)

I am certain that negativity is a long lost relative of cancer. But instead of deconstructing the body, negativity slowly rots the soul. And also unlike its distant cousin, negativity is highly contagious. A hurtful opinion, word or look can be like a stab to the stomach for another human being. Why on earth should anybody want to bring another person down like this? Have you ever gained anything from having a negative outlook? It’s like having shackles chained to your feet when the rest of the world is trying to salsa. It’s impossible to look forward in life when you let yourself be succumbed by negativity. I highly recommend welcoming the shining bright light of positivity into your being. Yes, it too is utterly contagious - spreading embers of light onto those who need it most. I can guarantee you right now there is not a person in this world who doesn’t need a compliment. If you think someone is beautiful, tell them. If you think your friend looks great in that dress, tell her. If you think your father’s the most powerful man in the world, tell him. If you think a stranger has a sensational smile, tell them. It certainly won’t harm anyone in doing so. Fill the horrible cracks in life with lovely things and words. See how much brighter you will feel and how much you will make a difference in someone else’s day, which will no doubt effect others they interact with. Never forget that we are all human … we all need a little tender love and care sometimes

🌿my mind thinks in floral patterns🌿 
~watercolors on paper~ 
*painting by Jah-feel*

Good vibes all-around today

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