Forever Free

"counting stars by candlelight, all are dim but one is bright"


(via 500px / Moraine Lake Color by Jeff Clow)
Let me be your photographer :) #localartists #thestruggle #lovelife
made this one to sell but I just couldn’t let go of it. Id say it has a nice place on our door @moontime87. (I can make others, and customize them with anything or color) #woodart #paint #forevergrateful #buyone ;) (at home)
Happy birthday, JB! @widespreadpanichq #inaneasychairwithmybootson #goodpeople #WP

Michael Houser — January 6, 1962 - August 10, 2002

Skol, very cold beer Cheers, to your friends so near High, your dreams so clear Raise another glass to the dreams so near

Rest in Peace Mikey (Jan. 6 1962-Aug. 10 2002). Here’s a quote from Trey shortly after his passing.“Michael Houser was truly one of the kindest and most beautiful people that I’ve ever met. I say that from the deepest part of my heart.
 He was unique. The first time I met him was backstage at the Roxy in Atlanta when Phish was opening for Panic. Dave Schools brought me into the dressing room and there he was, kneeling in front of his wife Barbette, who was sitting in a chair. They were holding hands and he was just lost in her eyes, radiating love. I’ve never forgotten that moment. She was pregnant with Waker at the time and it was like they were actually glowing, not even aware of all the noise and commotion around them. Just at peace, floating. He was capable of that kind of emotion and it was beautiful. Just a rare, beautiful thing. I know that people who love his music already know this. We’ll all miss him terribly.”-Trey Anastasio (2002 interview)